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  1. Wink War games fanatic searching for a new game to play

    I have been playing a lot of games before in my PC. (Red Alert, Star Craft, Battle Realms :p etc.) Right now I need a break for my PC (he's getting exhausted lol) and looking for games that I can play in my android and ios phones. I'm now playing Kingdom of Legend. I saw this game being posted in different forums by other players sharing their game experience. Got lucky finding a decent online strategy game in the googleplay. Constant wars, almost everyday. I'm still looking for other games though. Suggest me any games and I will keep you posted here in this thread for my gaming updates. You can also try the game I'm playing right now and contact me so we can play in the same guild.

    Thanks mates.

  2. Default

    Renegade X?
    Ever thought about that? Oh thats another PC game... poor computer..
    hmmm I like Tiny Troopers! Thats is really cool!

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