Tittle- Meat Temps & Times Free

Genre- Food & Drink

Cost- Free

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Description- Meat Thermometer is a fun and simple-to-use app for finding the proper doneness of meat, poultry, fish and seafood. How much time have you spent online searching for the right time and/or cooking temperatures for meat? Lucky you, we provide basic cooking guidelines and times for just about any piece of meat you may want to cook all in one place. Auto-timers are included for cooking the perfect steak or roast at different thicknesses and weight; manual timers are included to avoid the need to open other windows and apps. Just click on the weight of your chicken, turkey or roast and we tell you how long it needs to cook. We have taken the guess work out of cooking the perfect turkey with our helpful tips. Whether you are an at-home cook for your family or a practiced, could-be professional, this app gives quick and simple guidance to make your meat perform well. The only tool necessary is a proper meat thermometer, we will do the rest! Tips and tricks are included for cooking the perfect piece of meat. Amaze your friends with a delicious medium-rare steak! Dazzle your family around the holidays with a succulent roast lamb or simply roast a chicken in the oven on a Tuesday night. If you need to know the temperature of a medium-rare rib eye, how long to put the turkey in the oven, or just some cooking tips you won't be disappointed.