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  1. Default Corby ringtones????

    I have a pay as you go phone and would like to have a cool ringtone. However I don't know how to get it from your site to my phone. Can someone help me out? Thanx

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    Hello hackenslash.

    Please, do a search before posting, most likely your problem has been answered before.

    But, to answer your question, this is how --->

    You can either use our App via your phone to download the Ringtones you want --->
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    Or in the Site, you click on the Ringtone you want to download and follow the next instructions --->

    In the picture provided below, you either click 'Send to Phone' or 'Download this item' --->

    - Using the 'Send to Phone' method, you'll be prompted to give your cell number and go through some steps in order to get a Ringtone to your cell-phone.
    - Using the 'Download this item' method, a box will be poped up in which you're gonna see 2 links: The 1st link is to download a .mp3 Ringtone on your pc and then you can transfer it on your cell-phone, and the 2nd link to download a .m4r (for iPhone/iPad) and then transfer it on your device.

    Please note, the App, the Site and all of the content are completely free, so if you are charged in any way with something, it will be due to your 'pay as you go' phone...and not due to Mobiles24.

    I hope these instructions help you.
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    That is really interesting app and thanks for sharing information.

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