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    Android phones come with variety of features. any phone with the newest android system is best, so suggest only android phone.

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    Well, it depends on your choice, we got lots of best android phone in market out there. Some are with good camera result & some got higher RAM. Finally, it depends on your preference.

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    It all depends on your choice of phone. i like HTC phone.

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    It is all your choice. What you want in your device is more important for you. If you want stylish phone, then look it out in Samsung. it has so many new launches.

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    Best Smartphone is really needed in nowadays. But everyone will prefer for cheap and best. So my suggestion will be try out the Coolpad Note 3 lite. Not only available in cheaper price in comparison to others but also its really a user friendly, light weight and handy handset. Moreover its name and specification also matches (LITE).

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    Quite difficult to tell

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