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    Quote Originally Posted by shykee_16 Log in to see links
    all the games that id tried to download is failed. i have a moto v3(176x220)
    ermmm.. give me a day or two to find out the problem

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    why are none of the games i downloaded working!!! arghh!!!!

    Note: I have a L72

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    Quote Originally Posted by emokiller13x Log in to see links
    why are none of the games i downloaded working!!! arghh!!!!

    Note: I have a L72
    L72 isnt that a nokia?

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    Thanks for the info.
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  5. Default MOtorola L7 cant load games

    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    Most Motorola phones require the .jad along with the .jar file for the game to install successfully.

    We don't currently offer the .jad file to download via wap but it is now available to download with the 'Download to PC' option. You can however upload the .jad file using private upload and download the file via wap that way.

    You can also use Log in to see links to transfer & install the games via USB cable.

    I have a Motorola L7, but I cant load games onto my cell.

    I´m trying to plug it with an usb cable, can someone please help me

    I´ll thank a lot.

  6. Default L7 games.

    My phone's resolution is 176x220. when i download many games, it is not properly displayed in screen due to different resolution. most of the case bigger resolution. Also many games got struck after startup, like freedie 3d cricket, it is getting hanged after startup. is there a software to resize them to proper resolution(to reduce the original resolution). also post me the site to download all 176x220 games...


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    i have a v3xx, but i cant instal some games.

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    I try to install these on my moto Qm3 and none of them work...

  9. Default FAQ Downloading Games for Motorola

    hey im new to all this and i was using gecko to load up all the texture mods but i switched to riivolution thanks to this XD and i use the common5 file to load up custom csps for the character selection screen and now that doesnt work
    any help?

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