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    Arrow [FAQ] Downloading Games for Motorola

    Most Motorola phones require the .jad along with the .jar file for the game to install successfully.

    We don't currently offer the .jad file to download via wap but it is now available to download with the 'Download to PC' option. You can however upload the .jad file using private upload and download the file via wap that way.

    You can also use Log in to see links to transfer & install the games via USB cable.
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  2. Default

    I dunno about Motorola phones not being able to d/l from this wapsite. I d/led Asphalt2 onto my Razr v3xx and it works fine. So does Blackjack Hustler. I tried HardRock Casino and got the same application error so I made JAD files for it (both with JAM and MotoMidman) and they still gave application errors. I think the problem has more to do calls being made to phone hardware or APIs custom to the phones java program.

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    Thanks for the information!

  4. Default games problems

    I have tried both of the programs listed in the tutorial, but neither one recognizes my phone.
    I get a not connected message from both P2k, and P2kman.
    I have a motorola razr v3.
    Motorola phone tools works fine for pics and ringtones.

    anyone with any ideas so I can try some games ?

  5. Talking general tip for moto users

    If you are having problems with the drivers of your phone not working (i.e. the phone not being recognised) you could try the following. Goto the motorola website and download the phone software update pack from the web site run it and hopefully it should install the correct drivers. I did this after similar problems with my L7 SLVR and it all works tickety boo now
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    thank u for these games

  7. Default Inquiry

    Why Some Of The Games That I Download Does Not Appear In Full Screen On My Cellphone.. My Unit Is Nokia 6280.

  8. Default Krzr K1 Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    Motorola users please read:

    At the moment, Some Motorola users won't be able to download games via wap because some Motorola phones require the .jad file along with the .jar file and we don't currently offer the .jad file. We will eventually be adding the option to download .jad files soon.

    You will need to transfer games using a USB cable, Log in to see links will help you transfer & install the games.
    I have the Krzr K1, i believe that the normal resolution is 176x220 but when i try to install games like Larry or monopoly, the games just freeze and I cannot play them. I have downloaded the JADmaker like it says in the tutorial but even though i put both the .JAR and .JAD file into my memory card folder when i install the game it says "not a signed application" does this have anything to do with it? please help me
    When i open up Larry it takes me through the sound on or off page and then it freezes and i have to exit out of the screen by pressing the end call button.
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  9. Default tutorial

    I am new to this and I was clicking on the tutorial for installing games and it does not come up it just says error 403. is there another way I can view the tutorial?

    Thank you.

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    The website link is down at the moment, it should be working again shortly.

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