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  1. Default UC Browser's new 3.2 version is an all new experience of downloading!

    So here's something which I have been waiting for, from a very long time! Like many of you people here, I'm also a Windows phone user. The news is, UC Browser is up with its new 3.2 version which supports background downloading.

    This is going to be a great advantage for people like me who download a lot! What you can do here is, you may keep downloading files even after you exit UC Browser. The download process will continue even after you completely close UC Browser.

    And the best thing is that the download process will automatically resume if the download is interrupted for some reasons, again, all in the background.

    So now all you got to sit back, relax and keep enjoying while the browser does the downloading!

  2. Angry Greetings

    Hello dears friends. I love you all.

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