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    Post NEW: Profile Improvements

    We have now implemented a new profile design intended to better showcase your contributions to Mobiles24.

    Aside from a facelift, the improvements include more stats, re-introduction of "About Me", and improvements to the "Uploads" tab with a summary of your uploads in gallery format. We have also simplified customization options slightly and included the option to display a cover on your profile.

    We're still ironing out a few minor aesthetic issues and other minor bugs ("groups" tab) so please bare with us. Profile loading speed is also an issue we want to address, so I apologise if profiles load slowly at times.

    Any feedback is welcome as always!

    Thanks everyone..

    We'll be rolling out the badge and profile updates to the mobile site very shortly.

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    I like it looks great. Well done guys

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    Thumbs up


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    Good job!... but it can look even better

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    Great work Mark & Karl.
    It looks great...
    And i am sure it will look even better when you're done making corrections/improvements and etc to it.
    Thank you...

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    Liked the changes..!!

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    Great improvements! Thank you for bringing back "About Me" section, I enjoy uploading music video up in there.
    I like the simple look over all, and its nice to have an option to display a profile cover.

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    Hi Karl and Mark, how can I edit "About Me"?

    I have tried..., but it didn't work


    It's okay, I have found it in my settings how too...

    Great work, Mark and Karl
    Last edited by Michelle; 18-11-2013 at 05:17 AM.

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    Cool improvements.

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    Hello guys i need some help, how can i make a private upload?

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