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    It is simply amazing and encouraging

    Thanks M24 team

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    Mark, I have a question.. I know previously on old M24 the ranks or badges were automatically posted on the profile once we met a certain limit or requirement but I don't see that happen now.. Is it a job of a site moderator to go through every profile in order to approve badges??? how is it done now.. do we need to wait
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    Hi kewlonez,

    I'm currently resolving an issue with the system that automatically issues badges, so at the moment we're having to manually invoke the badge issuing system per account. We'll be happy to update your account if and when you should be issued with a new/updated badge... just give us a shout via PM.

    I've just ran your account through it so it should be up to date.

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    It is difficult to go through all these accounts, sure now i know i gotta shout

    Thanks Mark

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    Hi Mark and Karl

    Why am I missing a Contributor Badge?

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    Hey Mark, Karl
    I have no achievements in my profile.
    Please can you check.
    Thank you

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    There you go.

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    Oh Thank you Karl

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluSky Log in to see links
    Hi Mark and Karl

    Why am I missing a Contributor Badge?
    You are not missing a Contributor Badge, BluSky.
    You already have the Contributor Badge - Level 3.
    I can see it.

    Quote Originally Posted by saadia_salam Log in to see links
    Oh Thank you Karl
    Looking good saadia_salam

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    How do you earn contributor badge?

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