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  1. Red face [Free][App] S Alarm Clock (Never wake up late and Interface Designable)

    "S Alarm Clock” is an smart application help you never late and show your style. Have you ever been late? Because you did not set alarm or you set alarm but you turned off your alarm only to fall back to sleep. Do you want to use a simple interface application and this can be designed by yourself. If the answer is YES, this application is built for you.
    Main Functions:
    -100% Free
    -Simple interface (Interface can be designed by yourself)
    -Repeat each day in week.
    -Auto dismiss within limit time.
    -3 Dismiss methods:
    -----Press on screen button
    -----Enter numbers ( avoid turn off alarm when you do not complete wake up )
    -----solve math problems ( avoid turn off alarm when you do not complete wake up )
    -Alarm by Ringtones
    - Alarm by Songs
    -Change Volume


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    Cool and Helpful app I think so.
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