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  1. Default [Need Help] iphone iPod Touch iPad media ringtones

    someone helpppp. How can I get ringtones to my phone? I tried downloading from the site provided but it just shows up an arrow with a line through it. I sent one to my comp too but instead of going to the ringtones part of iTunes it went to my music folder ang

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    you need to download "MakeiPhoneRingtone"
    that way u can then upload them to the iphone

  3. Default Just want to down load some music to my Iphone?

    Just want to down load some music to my Iphone? Can someone help me?

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    don't you have a connector for that? just transfer files form pc to your phone

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    my bro got i phone my dad also u need i tunes to download music or any thing!

  6. Default Downloaded ringtones to iphone 3g

    I downloaded a ringtone from mobiles24 to my iphone using wap but I can't find it on my iphone. Does anyone know where I need to go on my iphone to find the ringtone?

  7. Question [Need Help] iphone iPod Touch iPad media ringtones

    i seem to be able to download the ringtones but i cant figure out how to open them and use them as ringtones on my phone. can anyone help?

  8. Default iPhone ring tones

    you have to convert them. Here is a page that tells you how to do it.

    [Linking to competing and/or commercial websites are strictly forbidden]

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    im trying that but im having trouble converting the file. it says to rename it and thats not doing anything

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    Have you tried and taken out all special characters?

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