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  1. Thumbs up [3D Live Wallpaper] Tap Leaves Live Wallpaper Free v2.0!

    Emerge yourself into a beautiful and calm natural forest with high definition leaves and interactive forest life, along with striking sunshine that blisters the forest. The combination of sunlight and shades, together with animated leaves swaying along with the mild wind, creates a magnificent scene that you would never forget.

    Tap Leaves is a whole new live wallpaper to mimic real life animation. With a tap of finger, forest leaves in Tap Leaves imitate actual leaf movement and bounce in silky smooth animation, in 3D. Tap Leaves also features real life lighting effect, interactive forest life such as fireflies that glow in the dark, butterflies that flutter away when you tap on the leaves they rest on and many more.

    Tap Leaves is fully customized in full version:
    - Auto change day according to your device's time.
    - Few leaf types to be customized.
    - Different time shows different forest life.
    - Glowing fireflies that light up the forest.
    - More butterfly types to customize.
    - Different seasons to be chosen.
    - and many more...

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    Thank you for sharing Nice Wallpapers.
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