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  1. Default Grand Battle New Player Tip 1----How to Play NPC Cheaper?

    New Player to Grand Battle--MMO Strategy:War? No worries, I will share some tips about the Grand battle strategy. Today I will share the experience of some senior players for you to succeed in playing the NPC with less money.

    Preliminary Suggestion: Upgrade the batman as much as possible
    Batman: Cheap. Population is less. Good range.

    Step 1: Kill all enemy soldiers (moved) outside the turret. And then retreat at once.

    PS: Put the batman one by one to attack the enemy soldiers (such as tanks) among the region of explosive so that the batman won’t be killed at a time. Keep in mind, batman is not everything. Second, don’t put the batman in front of the tower after playing, which will make you lose a few batmen.

    Step 2: When attack again, drop the batmen on the edge of the power plant. Extinguish power plants (lower turret attack and defense).And then retreat.

    PS: Keep away from the turret. If there is a turret on the edge of the power plant, storm the turret in the condition of away from other one. And finally turn to the power plant.

    Step 3: Turret strategy:

    Directly drop the batmen on the edge of the turret and storm it.

    Focus the forces in the distance of Patriot, then get close to Patriot and move quickly as it fires a gun. Then lead the batmen to fire 5 guns after 5 seconds, then move quickly before the Patriot fires again. Repeat the process and then you will get it done.

    Step 4: The last step is to get the resources as much as you can.
    The fourth.Rob resources for.The home.

    PS: Keep in mind that don't attack the enemy's command center before you killed all the enermies.

    Ok, that’s all. Good luck to you!

  2. Default Grand Battle 6.2.1 Released

    Hi,guys,Grand Battle has updated to 6.2.1 now and you need to update the version to enter the game normally.

    New Stuff in 6.2.1:

    1. Fix the "random talk" issue on the loading screen;
    2. If you can't enter the game, you need to update to version 6.2.1.


  3. Default Grand Battle has updated to v6.2.2

    New in 6.2.2:
    1. Fix the "random talk" issue on the loading screen;
    3. Make GB compatible with more different devices;
    2. If you can't enter the game, you need to update GB to the latest version.

  4. Smile Commander, Get your GB Valentine on Hand! Happy Valentines’ Day!

    Commanders also need to spend Valentines’ Day! !~~~No matter you're single or not~~~Let GB be one of your Valentines!!

    Go to Facebook Page “Grand Battle English” and Take part in the free rewards activity.


  5. Default Grand Battle v6.3.1

    Add a New Awesome Interface!


  6. Default The 5th Server and the New Version of GB is coming

    Dear commanders,
    The 5th Server and the New Version of GB is coming. What's you opinion about the name of the 5th server?


  7. Default Free Rewards in A Limited Time(Only on Mar.27th)

    Another Free Rewards for Base Show is ongoing.

    【Duration】Mar.27th 00:00:00———Mar.27th 23:59:59 (GMT)
    【Prizes】1st—- 300 medals rewards ;
    2nd—- 200 medals rewards;
    3rd—- 150 medals rewards.

    Additional: If your base get 5 likes or more before the event ends, you will get 100 medals for free.(These are only for players who are not top 3 winners)”
    【How to decide top 3 winners】Those bases that get most ” Likes” will be the top winners.
    【Steps】1. Go to build your base of your own coolest style 2. Take a screenshot of your nice base design; 3. Post your screenshot, your server name, game ID under this event post.
    【Sent Time】Rewards will be delivered within 2 business working days after event ends.
    Free Rewards.jpg

  8. Default Grand Battle Alliances Logo Images Show and Coupons Giveaway

    Grand Battle Alliances Logo Images Show Video

    Free Coupons from 06.05.2014——11.05.2014 (GMT)

    Activity Page

  9. Default New Version v6.6.0 for Grand Battle Available on Google Play

    What’s New in V6.6.0:
    1. Add a new defense building: Anti-air gun turret;
    2. Add a Monthly Card: receive free medals every day;
    3. Add General Skills removal function;
    4. Add alliance leader transfer function;
    5. The top level for Emblem and Books are upgraded to Lvl 15
    6. Add different types of General Skills;
    7. Add strategy choices when in defense or in battle
    8. Optimization in alliance battle when scouting enemies, Mammon and scratch card
    9. Fix bugs in Defense activity, Arena and others

    GB 6.6.0 更新.jpg

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