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  1. Thumbs up [Free]Grand Battle—Epic Strategy Game v6.3.1 (Updated)

    Hello, Guys and Gals. For the next few days, I will keep updating some information about Grand Battle for those who love and who are going to love it. Really hope you can enjoy it!
      The hot game Grand Battle game is officially released on 2nd December on Google Play. It is the first full operable combat community game domestically. It's with simple operation and good playability.
    It is known that Grand Battle is a real-time classic strategy game globally with its fierce battle scenes, advanced weaponries and clear and realistic images. As Red Alert game was once favored by the majority of players with its increasing popularity, we hope to reproduce the prestige and grandeur in its year back with the introduction of this game. We hope, on one hand, to bring the wonderful childhood memories to players and make them fall in love with this game again. On the other hand, we are in the hope to make the website more and more popular.

    Top four our features of this game:
      First, the game screen and images are so gorgeous and realistic that players will linger on with no thought of leaving. As a full operable combat game with the theme of red alert, it is much clearer, delicate and gorgeous, allowing players to be able to see more gorgeous looking game images and enjoy the best gaming experience ever.
      Second, the combat ways are so unique that players will feel reluctant to put it down. Grand Battle combating ways are very special as it combines the strategic and competitive nature of game into one, allowing player to experience the fascinating fighting experience different from all the other games.
      Third, players will indulge themselves in the thrill of being a commander. Players can have dozens of combat units such as snipers, helicopter gunships, Apocalypse Tank, the Patriot-ground missiles, mines and so on. Different combat units have different combat effect. Players can send different combat forces for attack according to their own preferences and defensive situation. In this way, players will experience the thrill and excitement of dispatching troops and destroy the enemy bases in the war.
      Fourth, the game is easy for beginners and also brings lots of fun to players. Players can experience all the features in the game with the simplest control and operation that brings them the utmost game pleasure.

    Free download on Google Play

    Grand Battle for Android
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    Grand Battle on facebook
    Our website:


    Hi, guys. Mongolee has also updated their great realistic MMO strategy game Grand Batter to v6.2.3.And you will get a new experience with the awesome new interface.

    ----New Awesome user interface!!
    ----If you meet "any problem" in GB, please just shoot us ( an email or message our fb admin, we will reply you asap!!
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    [Free Game] [Android] Grand Battle FAQ

    Hi, guys and gals. Since Grand Battle has been updated to version 6.0, more and more game lovers are becoming Grand Battle fans. They share game experience with each other and also compete with each other. As a senior Grand Battle fan, I’d like to share my experience about Grand Battle FAQ here. Grand Battle fans, supplements are welcome! Game lovers, join us and conquer the world.

    1. How to increase population?
    Upgrade commander center to increase your population.

    2. How to repair combat vehicles?
    Each upgrading will recover all the lives of forces. Training medic and tech can also recover the health of soldiers and vehicles.

    3. Where’s the storage?
    Click on “Build”, then you will find metal storage and oil storage under the resources construction.

    4. How to attack other players?
    Open spy satellite to spy or attack other players.

    5. What should I do if the electric power is insufficient?
    Upgrade or build electric plant to increase electric power.

    6. How to repair constructions?
    After being attacked, the damaged buildings will gradually recover when login the game.

    7. What should I do if I'm not able to login the game, or the game gets stuck?
    You can try to end the game process and restart the game. If you still have problems, please contact our customer care service email:

    8. What should I do if the medals purchased haven't be received?
    Please end the game process and restart the game. If they still haven't be received, please contact our customer service.

    Grand Battle Download Free:

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    How to use High-level Recruit Card?

    Hi, there. Some grand battle fans have got a problem about how to use the high-lv card in grand battle game. If you have a High-lv Recruit Card in your bag, but don’t know how to use it, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go Generals icon and go to Recruit Generals section
    2. You will see “One in a Million”, then select “Priority Use High-lvl Recruit card. And that means you are using this card in priority. Then use it. Accordingly this card in your bag will be gone.

    Grand Battle Download Free:

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    Grand Battle and Grand Battle Fans

    Hi, there. Since the official release of Grand Battle on Google Play, it has been appreciated by an increasing number of game players. They have different nationalities and speak different languages; some of them are students, and some of them are at work. Despite of the differences, they share the same title: Commander. They enjoy themselves being a GB fan by constructing their own powerful base and directing battles with wisdom and responsibility. To them, GB is the source of pride, achievement and entertainment. Everyday, GB will receive many emails all over the world with the attachment of interesting videos and pictures made by them. Those emails express their story with GB and show their appreciation to the full. With support of so many fans, there is no doubt that GB will get better and better.

    The following picture is sent by a GB fan. Great things should be share with all of you. Welcome to GB family!

    Grand Battle Download Free:

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  5. Thumbs up Grand Battle Defense Strategy

    Hello, Commander. How about your base today? It is always inevitable that you may be attacked by others when you are offline. However, you can try your best to defend your base during their intruder. Follow me please.
    First, the mine is the holy grail and should be upgraded to the top level. At the same time, there are some tips for you to plant mines. For example, plant them along the edge of the machine-gun turret range or scatter them within the base.
    Second, arrange your base. The Commander Center should be put in the center, and around it are the storages. The turrets and towers should be placed to protect them. The other buildings can be put in the outermost part as the wall, because the buildings occupy large room. If enemies’ tanks aim to enter the base, they should destroyed the buildings, or they have to choose another way, which can be regarded as an successful defense. Just keep the percentage 40% in your mind. It is not quite possible to destroy a full-blood base in five minutes. Try your best to maintain more defense buildings when you are under 40% protection.
    To be frank, it is not easy to defense in Grand Battle, unless the enemies are so unlucky to encounter all the mines. You are successful when you protect your storages and Command Center well. Therefore, Try to make clear your target protected buildings. There is no perfect defense, but more fierce attack!

    Grand Battle free download on Googleplay:
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    Grand Battle latest version for direct apk download:

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    There comes the weekend. GB Commander, try your best to protect your base and destroy your enemies! Grand Battle brings you a cheerful weekend!!!

    Grand Battle free download on Googleplay:
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  7. Default Strategy of Gaining Resources

       In Grand Battle, invasion is the most effective way to gain resources. It is quite limited for the resources gaining by upgrading mental factories and oil pumps. Generally speaking, Lv3 is enough by quick upgrade in the early stage.
       Attacking players should go first, because enemies is helpful for the later development at the appropriate stage. If you are a longtime player, you might not mind being attacked. The Radar only provides several targets everyday, and it will be boring if they are attacked by others before you. However, if you get some enemies at the early stage, there will be many targets for you to choose.
       Second is to attack NPC. You cannot attack them randomly. It is really cool to gain millions of resources at once especially by attacking those above Lv25, but they are not recycled. Do not use them if it is not necessary. Upgrading the Command Center by Lv5 needs eight million resources, and the later upgrading of soldiers is also in need of millions of resources, which are not easily available. The more resources you stored, the more likely you are going to be robbed by others. It is enough to maintain your development by attacking players.
    Grand Battle free download on Googleplay:
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    Grasp the chance to firstly play the Christmas Edition,you won't be disappointed.

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    Merry Christmas Guys,and thanks for being with GB in 2013!

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    Happy New Year!

    What's your plan in New Year 2014 and what's your expectation on GB in 2014?

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