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  1. Default Anyone bought Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ?

    I was thinking whether worth it or not for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with RM2399 such a high price.. what do you guys think ? but i like the texture of leather..


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    If I were you.. i will wait for Iphone 5S lo...going out soon what...
    like the cool feature of having the thumb print scan for password login..and like the new gold color!

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    The Note 3 seems like a great phablet and I'll be getting one when it's released in the UK. Whilst the iPhone 5S is a decent phone, the screen is still too small and iOS is and always has been too restricted. I'd also have security concerns over the safety of the Touch ID fingerprint data.

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    No Not now I am looking for Note 5

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was once the best phone in the market. Later various androids of Samsung came in the market. But still it is so user friendly that he who tries it never think to exchange it with the Samsung phone even.

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