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    Hi all,

    I am looking for a good browser for my window phone. Just read that new updated version of UC Browser is out for windows phone.

    The company is claiming to have lots of great features as compared to the default IE browser.

    The company claims that this will improve the video download function. This is a common feature among 3rd party YouTube apps like MetroTube and MetroTube provides more information and you can choose from different quality.

    In comparison, UC just provided a lite version since all information was on web page already, all you can do is choose which video to save /view.

    But when I spend more time in browsing with UC, I realized that it offers more of general features: you can save videos from more sites like Metacafe, even those shared on your Facebook timeline can be saved.

    Has anyone experienced the new UC browser?

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    Hey! I have experienced the new version of UC Browser, i.e, the 3.2 version.
    The background downloading that it offers is simply amazing. I exit the browser and the downloading process still continues. Also, if due to some reason it has stopped, it resumes automatically in the background.

    Also, it has this awesome function called Watch Offline ( for Android phone, you can find a plugin called Video Downloader in UC Browser’s add-on panel to get the same effect ), which simply allows us to save an online video to our phone. When we hit play a video on a video site, we get the option to Watch Offline. So you got to choose that and the video will download to your phone.

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    Mozilla Firefox will be the best option or else Google Chrome.

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