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  1. Default Checkers game

    Checkers - is well-known and ancient puzzle board game, popular around the world. If you are not satisfied with the level of complexity of the interface of the very simple game by default, then you can change the level of complexity. This game has artificial intellect and is getting developed after each game. You can try this game absolutely for free.

    Checkers ⋆ includes a host of exciting features, including:
    Checkers ⋆ includes a Statistics:

    * The main functionality is artificial intelligence for Checkers
    * Great graphics and awesome sound effects
    * Fully configurable for 1 player low,medium and difficulty level
    * Undo function
    * Redo function
    * Option to enable
    * Capture Game
    * Save Game
    * Send Game to friends
    * Share game position on facebook, twitter, email
    * Graphics statistic for game

    Checkers ⋆ currently plays according to American and Chinese Checkers / English Draughts rules.

    if you need to have this application inyour iPhone, iPod or iPad, you can free download it here

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  2. Default

    The simple game in app, good game to play. amazing to play it in iPhone. nice share.

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