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  1. Question Need Help! BlackBerry

    Just curious. I recently downloaded a ringtone to my blackberry but I am unable to find it on my phone. Does anyone know where they are saved at?

  2. Default

    I have the 8130 and its under media, then ringtones, then my ringtones...hope that helps

  3. Thumbs down Help

    I need help. I have a blackberry bold and some questions. Which games, ringtones,
    And other downloads are compatable with my phone? I have been browsig the free downloads, games, etc.
    I found that the games stated which phones that they are for, I did not see any with the blackberry phone.
    Please help.

  4. Default blackberry open line

    could somebody tell me how to open line a blackberry?


  5. Default blackberry 7100i

    looking 4 killer software 4 my blackberry 7100i

  6. Default Best "fake" BlackBerry?


    I`m thinking of buying a new phone. So therefore I`ve been looking on the China copies of Blackberry. But i have no idea whic one that is the best out there.

    So, anyone have a tip ?

  7. Default

    Everything that's fake can't be good, so my advice is just save some more money and buy yourself a real Blackberry...

    "We must never be afraid to go too far, for truth lies beyond."

  8. Default

    I would never buy a China phone...

  9. Default

    I think Blackberry is not a phone for kids nor people that don't know how to use its features

  10. Default The F026 is the best fake Blackberry

    The F026 is the best fake Blackberry phone. You can see all the pictures and specs at solonomi dot com.

    It has a full QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, Java, and a cool trackball, too!

    It is one of our best selling models. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

    - John from Solonomi

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