Requirements: Android 2.3 +
Overview: 3D PLANES - BRAVO : Creates a new flying experience for Android users.

★ This 3D Game entertains with different planes. Each Plane has unique capability for performing different acrobatics and stunts in dodging different obstructions.
★ Test your flying skills at high speed where you have to weave through the floating mountains of pandora. Avoid crashes, pick up power-ups and fly to the top.
★ Game difficulty increases with plenty of twists and turns, collecting power ups will get you the higher the score! This game will challenge even the most skilled arcade fans.
★ Unlock more fantastic planes by skillful plays, and challenge the extreme of speed and distance!

Experience the real flying experience in the No fly zone of Pandora In 3D. In the eyes of the gods you have created an imbalance in the land and the mother land will obstruct you in every way possible. Any calamity will be thrown upon you so that you don't escape the Planet.

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