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    Hi, Can any 1 help me by writting complete procedure of syncing ringtones to iphone.
    I am using Iphone g with IOS 3.1.3. I have downloaded itunes 10 and installed it. I can easily sync music & aaps. but i am not being able to sync ringtones. I have downloaded some ring tones from Plz write the next proceedure to be followed.

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    Ranafel : It is really easy to do.

    There are a couple of things you must do first, before you sync the phone - or you'll at least have to sync it again.

    First, I assume you have your ringtone in a .m4r file format on your pc.
    You will want to open up iTunes, and if you don't have ringtones listed in your left menu area (where you see music, movies, podcasts, etc.) go to your edit<preferences and add a checkbox next to the ringtones so it lists in the menu for you.

    Now : just select "File" < "add File to library"< and navigate the file explorer to where you have your ringtone stored. It is probably best to store these in your music folder as iTunes has created a My Ringtones folder in there that is perfect for this.

    Once you've selected your file, iTunes will import it into your working library. You can verify it is there by clicking on the "Ringtones" menu item you added above, and from there all you need to do is hook up your phone to your pc, and once the connection is established go through tthe phone's tabs to select what you want to sync and click on the Ringtones.

    Here, just put a check box next to the ringtone that you want added to your phone, and turn off any you don't want on the phone currently. Turning off a checkbox does not delete the ringtone from iTunes, just removes it from your phone and you can put it back at any time by reselecting the box.

    When you're satisfied with your additional ringtones, click the "apply" button at the bottom of the screen, and the phone will begin to sync once again if it had already done so previously..

    Note: the first time you do this addition of ringtones, you may see that the ringtone is not showing in your settings ' sounds' area of the phone. All custom ringtones should be listed above all the ones that came with the phone in their own section. I have seen quite a few people that had to sync the phone one more time after the initial sync of the ringtone before iTUnes picked it up properly and it listed in the phone. Of course, once you have it aware that ringtones are to sync from then on, it will not be a problem.

    I hope this helps. Like I said, it is really easy to do, and is the same process for adding music videos, and movies to your phone. Just remember to always add the file to iTunes' library beforehand, or you will not be able to find them listed in the phone section to add.

    One other thing to make sure is that your ringtone is in the correct .m4r format, otherwise iTunes may pretend to add it to the library but dosn't know how to read the file, so it is omitted. (checking that ringtones menu step listed above will help you identify that immediately) I have heard that itunes is able to create ringtones for free now, but haven't tried this, so if it isn't the right format, you may be able to go into itunes and upload your file to have it converted. I have special software to do my ringtone conversions when needed.

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    I have put the phone near a heat source in an effort to dry it out ovenight, in the vain hope that I may be able to get it to power up long enough to get it synced (and get all my calendar and contact info back) before the replacement arrives.

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    What I had to do was in iTunes, use "Add File to Library" to add the m4r file. (under the file menu) This will place it in its own Tones library (if you didn't already have one). You then tick the tone you have just added.

    Then you can connect the iPhone, and there will be a specific sync tab for Tones where you can select what you added to the library and then sync music to your iphone.
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    iTunes and icloud are good iphone devices sync tool .Or you can choose one good tool to sync iphone data to pc,like Coolmuster iPad iPone iPod to PC Transfer.
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