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    Default Nexus 7

    I have a nexus seven 32gb and find it to be fast, reliable and comfortable to use, what tablet does others have and what's the pro's and cons

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    Thumbs up Nexus 7 / 16GB

    I have a Google Nexus 7 too , a 16GB/WiFi.
    I am astonished by the sheer power this little gadget packs - thumbs up to Google (and Asus)!

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    I find the price of Nexus 7 is reduced by 2 to 3K, well it's better to wait for Nexus 8.

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    Thumbs down Google

    No more thumbs up for Google!

    My 2012 Nexus 7 is lagging heavily , re-charge times increased to over 10 hours (!!!???!!!) - the Nexus 7 is virtually unusable as a mobile device.

    This all seemed to start with Android Lollipop and only got worse since.

    To date I have permanently uninstalled and/or disabled two dozen Google apps just to keep some resemblance of control and usability over my device!

    I am deeply disappointed with the ways how Google force-ably phases out aged devices making customers believe they actually need to purchase a never more powerful device.

    For now my once speedy Nexus 7 is barely floating at the border of usability - once it becomes a true paperweight I will consider revertig it to KitKat or root it and load a custom ROM.

    Google is not playing nice!

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