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  1. Default Hi!

    Hello everybody ! My nickname on web is Nikita but friends call me Lolo!

    I live and work in Belgium. As english is not my mother tongue, l hope you will forgive my mistakes. l love to make Android themes !
    I love my gadgets to but most of all i love spending my free time with my 4 gorgeous cats. l came here with some really amazing friends and l am ready to meet new ones.
    This site looks really friendly and l am very happy to be there.

    Speak soon l hope....

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    Hi Lolo you seem a very nice girl lol

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    Ha ha Ben, I just 'seem' lol...

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    Welcome Lolo! You've made some great themes and your Red Dragon theme is already second most popular, which is a superb achievement! Keep up the great work.

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    Waow you make me blush Thanks Karl !

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    Yay Lolo

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    yes Lolo my dear so nice girl love you dear

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    So sweet of you my dear Sinan.... Love you too my friend

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    Love you Lolo, will you make me a new tinkerbel signature please, I love the text on yours

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    I'm going to try to find where I've made this one lol....I'll let you know !!!!

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