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    Thank's Guy's

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    Good to have you all here

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    Yay....Ben is here ! Familiy is growing up ! x x x x x

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    Absolutely loving all your work you are uploading, makes me realise what I've been missing, got to get back k to my Theming to keep up with you all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    Hi Maggie, Congratulations on becoming a Site Contributor! Your themes are great!

    Welcome aboard Ashley and Alex! Looking forward to checking out everyone's artistic flair.

    Alex, we used to allow Nokia themes and we still have an old selection, but due to Symbian been discounted, we decided to remove the upload option when we released the new site update and concentrate on Android themes. If you would like us to re-enable Nokia themes uploading option, let us know.
    it's really up to u guys...... the point is that after the "closure" of nokia store, symbian users (i make belle themes) will definitely turn to other sites for keep finding themes for their phones.......
    i see an opportunity there..... but i could be wrong....... anyway... it's really up to you...... i wouldn't like to set u in all this trouble just to be able to upload my themes.....
    hahahahahahaha... i guess i'm the only one......
    be well karl......

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    Hi, I see you've all been busy,I've been incredibly lazy but do have a theme I'm working on, it's so lovely to come on line and see your incredible themes. I agree Alex while a lot of people are moving to android there is still a massive amount of people who still have phones with the symbols operating system so I believe there will be a market for symbian themes for quite some time to come
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    Hi,The name is Mark,Friends call me Radgie or Rad,I like to design wallpapers and the occasional themes.
    My claim to fame is knowing those amazing people above me .

    P.S. I have been here since 2009 and uploaded a few early days wallpapers,then i went AWOL for a while,well Im back and uploading again
    Keep smiling people .

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    Nice to see you back Mark

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    Welcome Mark, Thanks for coming back to us. Your wallpapers look great! Just for the heads up, I've only just noticed your wallpapers are watermarked with instead of

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    Hiya Mark, it's absolutely great to meet up with you again and am looking forward to loads of new beautiful wallpapers from you and don't forget us android themers need 960x800...Hahaha

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