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    Well ... I received a message last night inviting me to come play at mobiles24 so here i am
    My name is Ashley and i'm a keen animated wallpaper artist. Looking forward to catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and maybe starting a Animation Tips and Tricks Group sometime in the near future

    PS. G'day Ben, Maggie and Steph And Greetings Mobiles24
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    hahahahahahaha.... seems like a game..... every new one of the company while introducing ourselves we say the names of all of us before....

    so, i'm also a friend of ben's, maggie's, stephie's and ash's (and those who will follow.... hahahahahaha)

    i'm alex.... better known as "thabull" but this nicq is already taken here......
    i'm a nokia belle themer (but i don't see any uploads here), who recently made a turnover and started working with android..... u will soon see my works.....

    so nice to see you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    G'day my Aussie friend,,,nice to see you here with us

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    Hi alex,,nice to see you here with us all

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    Hi Maggie, Congratulations on becoming a Site Contributor! Your themes are great!

    Welcome aboard Ashley and Alex! Looking forward to checking out everyone's artistic flair.

    Alex, we used to allow Nokia themes and we still have an old selection, but due to Symbian been discounted, we decided to remove the upload option when we released the new site update and concentrate on Android themes. If you would like us to re-enable Nokia themes uploading option, let us know.

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    I`m hoping to find out what software is used and where to get it to make next launcher themes,I`ve asked go dev team but I just get standard email reply,then I`ll be happy to make next and go launcher themes

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    Hi Alex, Ashleyand steph Im pleased to see you arrived safe and sound from greece , australia and england ...hahaha...cant wait to see your fantastic talents on display

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    It's looking like the gang is taking shape .I think our nic does next launcher themes.Once he gets his butt here I'll give him a shout. Still waiting on a few more wallpaper artists and themers to arrive

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    Thanks mark looking forward to get uploading again still more people to turn up yet

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    Welcome aboard Alex and Ashley!

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