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    Default NEW Import from Google Play + multi-upload apps, games, themes etc!

    We have now added the ability to import app details/screenshots from Log in to see links making it much easier to share apps and games on

    The new upload system also includes multi-upload and drag & drop support, so you no longer have to upload apps one by one. In the next few days, we will include the ability to update apps using this system.

    Please note that importing from Google Play only works for apps that exist on Google Play. Apps/games/themes/live wallpapers not available on Google Play will need to be manually uploaded. The system can also be used for non-native BlackBerry apps and games (converted from Android) such as those generated by our online apk to bar converter.

    As always, if you have any problems please post a reply. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Cool comments

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    "app title no returned"

    how to solve it ??

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