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  1. Cool [GAME][2.2+][FREE, no ads] Jolly Roger Sign, not easy puzzle


    This puzzle game for Android is more than just a game, it will definitely make you smarter. You will feel it once you get the secret of this game that improves your logical and non-standard thinking.

    By the way, the task that you need to solve here might be given as a test to a person who applies for a job that requires finding optimal solutions in the tasks which can be solved in different ways.

    The app is available in both free and pro versions. The latter advantages with additional learning options and a strategy solution for the puzzle.

    Alright, here is the story.

    Imagine that you are caught by pirates who want to feed you to the sharks for fun if you loose the game. They threw you on a wooden deck of their ship and gave you a number of black signs. The two sides of each sign are a Roger sign and a blank side. And then they bandaged your your eyes.

    - Divide the signs into two piles so that there is the same number of Roger signs in each pile. If you succeed we will let you go. You may flip over the signs as many times as you want,
    - Laughed the pirates.

    Before you start finding your life-saving solution please be aware that there is a strategy that always allows you to solve this task regardless of the initial number of Roger and Blank signs. Think it over using your logic skills and non-standard thinking (standard way of thinking will definitely turn you into the sharks' lunch.)

    There are different levels including a customizable one for the best learning practice (remember, the great thing in this app is that it is not a dull time-killer game, but the fun application that makes your brain develop while you play.)

    Your aim is to have equal numbers of Rogers on both left and right fields.
    Each sign is either Roger or Blank value (but you don't know which one exactly until the end of the game). Touch and hold a sign to flip it over to toggle its value.

    Drag and drop a sign (or touch a sign and then touch the desired empty location) to move the sign.

    Press CHECK to see how many Rogers are currently on the left and on the right.

    Press DONE when you think that you have reached the aim.

    Please keep in mind that this is not a let-me-guess game, but the visual tool to work out a without-risk-of-loss strategy for the puzzle.

    There are learning options available in Pro version of the game.
    PEEK: to open up the signs and learn the secret of the game by yourself to develop your non-standard thinking.
    SPOILER: to read the secret of the game and practice your logic.

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    I am going to download this game.i hope,it will good.

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