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  1. Cool let's make a story with 3 words...!

    the rule are:
    - make a good story with 3 words that linking with 3 words before you.
    e.g.: 'on saturday night..' reply with 'i am dating with..'
    - to be's (am, is, are), 'a' and 'an' are not counted as a word.
    - you can play with names, as long it doesnt insulting others.
    - 'the end', 'to be continued' are not allowed!

    now, lets start it:
    'some a day, there are...'

    to keep story readable, simply copy & paste the story & continue it.
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  2. Default

    no one interest?
    ok i'll continue the story...

    some a day, there are a couple teenager doing...

  3. Default

    a really big poo

    oh how mature

  4. Default

    good one Songbird

    some a day, there a couple teenager doing a really big poo. on their neighbour's...

  5. Default

    front garden with...

  6. Default

    ...everyone watching over...

    i had nothing...

  7. Default

    with a smile on...

  8. Default

    ... their stupid faces.

    (Waht? Do you smile over watching someone poo? )

  9. Default

    One of the...

  10. Default

    men was pulling...

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