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  1. Question how i know if my android can support some game ?

    hi guys , i need some help please ...

    i am having some problem when i try install some games from google play market.

    many games show the massage : Application not installed

    and i wish to figure how to be sure the game will be installed and work in my android before i download

    can some one help me please

    my android is GALAXY MINI POP GT-S5570I
    ANDROID version 2.3.6
    BASEBAND version S5570IXXLD6
    KERNEL version dpi@DELL169#1

    Thanks for any help

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    When you install any app,if application install that means those application are compatible with your phone.if dont install that means those application do not compatible.

    Android application development

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    So are you successfully downloading? If so, do you recieve this error when trying to start the app?

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    i download the games successfully and then start the install and after some time that massage ( Application is not installed ) appear in the screen and the game wont installed

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    Google Play automatically identifies app compatibility with your phone and would block the download of incompatible apps. I think the only way to resolve the issue is to factory reset your phone.

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    I know that google play detect the comp. but some times i finish the download and start the install and then same thing happen
    i really did factory restore and try again and also same .

    thanks all for reply and wish i can find out how to solve this

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