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    Question Upload Guidelines: Questions & Answers

    Please use this thread to post all questions and discussion related to our gallery upload guidelines (thanks to Kevin for suggesting this).

    Refusal Reason Explanation

    To give you a better understanding of why your upload may be refused, here is an explanation of refusal reasons that are commonly misunderstood:

    Unclear/Ambiguous Title
    Uploads that are not accurately/descriptively titled and/or are not well formatted (for example, titles without spaces, random dots, or inaccurate use of hyphens and other characters).

    File/Title Mismatch
    A title that does not match or accurately describe the upload it corresponds to.

    Although we accept content such as latin music etc, which may not have an English title; your upload will be refused if you upload content that can be titled in English. For example, if you upload a 'Phoenix' and attempt to use the Polish spelling of 'Fenik', your upload will be refused.
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    Thanks Kevin

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    tight rules. but i'll try to be like what you guys want.

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    Its just really presentation, i.e. some people do put the right names ([Title] Chasing Cars [Artist] Snow Patrol) but alot of people do put ([Title] Chasing_Cars [Artist] snow patrol)

    Hope you fully understand the guidelines,


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    hy mark.
    about screensavers:
    how if we upload such a same graphics, but different size?
    coz i was uploaded screensaver made by me in 3 different sizes: 128x128, 128x160, and176x220...
    to see the review click
    need your answer.

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    why was my uploaded game Air Force Save The City refused as unsuitable content?

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    Hi Apoteka,

    It was proberbly a mistake (might not of been because i do not validate games myself), but please check the game makers, and check it isn't a gameloft/E.A./Hands On ect.

    Please accept my apologise for the confusion so far,


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    Quote Originally Posted by cornet1994 Log in to see links

    It was proberbly a mistake (might not of been because i do not validate games myself)
    Do you see what you did there Andy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noxide Log in to see links
    Do you see what you did there Andy?

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    i'll upload it again. the game's made by one guy, and in german. ordinary shootemup

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