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    To give everybody a better understanding of what we do and do not accept when validating uploads for the public downloads gallery, the M24 moderation team have created some simple guidelines to follow. has become known for having an organised public gallery. To keep us that way, please read the uploading guidelines below to decrease the chance of having your upload refused and help us to keep Mobiles24 clean and organised with accurately titled uploads and good quality content.

    Please remember that this is a public gallery and only content of public interest should be uploaded.

    The following content will be refused:

    Applies to all categories:

    • Poor quality or partially complete.
    • Irrelevant, misleading, incorrect, unclear and ambiguous titled uploads (i.e., wallpaper1, wallpaper2 etc).
    • Uploads titled with your own username.
    • Sexually explicit material (i.e., displaying breasts, nudity, pornography, genitalia).
    • Duplicates: Content that is similar or exactly the same as another upload in the same category. Please note: any user found to be purposely uploading duplicate content will be permanently banned.

      Please search the gallery to make sure your intended upload hasn't already been uploaded by another member.

    Applies to ringtone uploads:
    • Poor sound quality.
    • Exceed 30 seconds in length.

    Applies to graphic (wallpaper, themes and screensaver) uploads:

    • Sexually explicit images that are lewd, provocative, display breasts/nudity/genitalia, depict an individual wearing no/sheer/see-through underwear and displaying the pubic area surrounding the genitalia.
    • Extreme blood & gore images.
    • Unfinished / poor quality.
    • Candid & unstaged photos / Celebrity candid & unstaged photos (Paparazzi photos).
    • Personal / family photos.
    • Pixelated & incorrectly proportioned.

    Applies to video uploads:
    • Non-English (except music videos & English subtitled videos).
    • Adult: Pornography, Topless, Striptease, Lewd, Provocative, Sexual tips or advice.
    • Violence: Breaking bones, people getting hit by vehicles, serious injury, fighting, gore (Note: boxing & martial arts videos are allowed).
    • Incorrect aspect ratio.

    Applies to Android/Java/Symbian/Blackberry Apps and Games, including Android Theme/Live Wallpaper uploads:

    • Ringtone and/or Wallpaper apps: Mobiles24 already offers this service.
    • Third Party App Stores.
    • Intellectual Property: Copyrighted & payware apps are forbidden. Please see copyrighted games in this thread.
    • Apps containing spyware, malicious scripts and password phishing scams.
    • Excessive & deceptive advertising:
      • Including modifying or adding browser settings or bookmarks, add homescreen shortcuts or icons on the users device for third party services or advertising purposes.
      • Advertising through system level notifications, apart from in-game promotions or special deals relating to the app.

    • Excessive/Irrelevant Permissions (Android).
    • Webview of a website.
    • Apps containing illegal content and/or engaging in unlawful activities.
    • Repetitive/spam content.
    • System Interference: Apps must not make changes to the device without the users knowledge.
    • Violence, Bullying, hate speech, impersonation or deceptive behavior.
    • Publishing personal and confidential information.
    • Apps must not create unpredictable network usage which impacts the users service charges or violates an authorized carrier's terms of service.
    • Live Wallpapers containing a single wallpaper or collection of wallpapers.
    • Incorrect, poor quality or watermarked screenshots.
    • Non-english.
    • Modified games (This includes any games that have had their screen resolution changed and/or title/splash screen changed inside the game file).

      It is extremely important to specify any game resolutions if known. Please place the resolution(s) and supported handset(s) (Make & Model) next to the title of the game you're uploading, for example: Mystery Castle (240x320) Nokia N95

      Any games that are ambiguously titled or poorly formatted, for example: dragon&dracula3d_sonyericsson_s700" will be refused. The correct way to title that upload would be: Dragon And Dracula 3D (240x320) SE S700

    Please refer to the following thread to discuss these guidelines, seek clarification before you upload etc. Upload Guidelines: Questions & Answers

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