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  1. Default No alcatel phones listed

    Have an ALCATEL one touch 1018B, sometimes refered to as Cinch. Either way there seem to be no ALCATEL phones listed at all. Also no mention or support for BrewMP based beyond PC devices, particularly phones. This is the same at every site I have checked. Any advice would be appriciated.

  2. Default no alcatel phones listed

    ONE TOUCH 1018b/CINCH is piece of crap, but it's all I've got.

  3. Question Not Sure, please confirm...

    My device is an LG Optimus Zone3. The list only has the Optimus Zone. Is the zone similar enough to use as my zone 3 for downloads?

  4. Exclamation Phone not in list!

    LG G5 is not in the device list?

  5. Exclamation My phone is missing from the list.

    I have a KYROCERA HYDRO from Boost Mobile and it's not on the list .

  6. Default

    I'm Not Sure, But I Haven't Seen Any Nokia 6060 Or 6061 A Lil Old But You Can Still Buy Them My, Wife Has One An I Can't Find Hardly Any Thing For It Other Than Mp3's
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  7. #657


    Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5 is not on the phone list, Mark

  8. Default iPhone 11

    iPhone 11?

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