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    Lightbulb Your phone not in the list? Post it here!

    Many users report their phone not being available in our phone list, (selectable on your profile update page) so we've decided to create this thread for the purpose of keeping our phone list up-to-date.

    If you're aware of a phone that is not in our phones list, please post it.

    Please don't:
    • Post phones already in our phone list.
    • Post phones that are a minor model difference. For example, K850 is already on our phone list, so we don't want/need K850c or K850i.
    • Post old phones.

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    for now, i choosed k310i.

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    Nokia 5200
    i choosed Nokia5300, cuz it's SIMILAR

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    sanyo katana dlx

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    Default ????

    samsung d900

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    nokia 5610 xpressmusic

  7. Default What About??

    I'm Not Sure, But I Haven't Seen Any Nokia 6060 Or 6061 A Lil Old But You Can Still Buy Them My, Wife Has One An I Can't Find Hardly Any Thing For It Other Than Mp3's

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    Tilt 8925 from AT&T

  9. Default Motorola W377

    Just bought the Motorola W377
    can't find it on the list, can it be added? it seems every other motorola phone is on the list!!!
    would love this one to be added to it

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    Motorola W385

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