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  1. Wink

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Log in to see links
    Please don't:
    • Post phones already in our phone list.
    • Post phones that are a minor model difference. For example, K850 is already on our phone list, so we don't want/need K850c or K850i.
    • Post old phones.
    It quite clearly saids not to post old phones. And an nokia 2135 is an old phone

  2. Default sony ericsson k770

    SE k770 is one of the most popular phones but its not configured
    i know that its quiet similar with k810 but why not add it with its original name ???

  3. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by No1Eye Log in to see links
    Nokia N95 8 Gb is in S60 3rd Edition, 240 x 320 category!
    Select this category to search for items that are supported by your cell-phone!

    I hope i helped you!
    Thanks 4 trying but that's not working.When I try to install the theme my mobile says that the installation is not compatible.And ppl THERE IS a difference between n95 and n95 8gb.Please add the phone.
    Last edited by Eurostar; 27-06-2008 at 11:14 PM.

  4. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by reni11 Log in to see links
    HTC TOUCH is not on the list also.
    Yeah i dont see the other HTC on here either...HTC S720

  5. Default w960i

    sony w960i isnt listed

  6. Default

    Sony G900 not mentioned

  7. Default

    SE K750i is not here

  8. Default

    Hey what about Nokia N82? This also does not appear in the list

  9. Default T-Mobile Sidekick & T-Mobile Sidekick LX???

    No T-Mobiles???

  10. Wink

    Samsung SCH-**00 is not on your list. Could you please add it! Thank You

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