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  1. Cool Price Drop (0.99--->>>FREE) - 6 New Board Games for iPad - By Permeative

    Time for some FUN!!! Some of our new Permeative Board games is now readily available for Free on iPad. Limited Period Offers....!!!Grab the Games for FREE before the offer ends.

    Teddy Can't Fly HD:

    Teddy Can't Fly is a beautifully designed, addictive game that will rattle your nerves more than any other game but keep you coming back for more.

    Game Download Link:Teddy Can't Fly HD for iPad

    Serpent HD:

    Serpent is a same old snake game with a twist. All you got to do is direct the snake towards the food and keep it going for a longer time. Since there are no obstacles make sure to stay in the game for a long time.

    Game Download Link: Log in to see links

    Teddy Ted HD:

    Teddy Ted is no easy game. This game will test your skills and ingenuity at every level. So don't waste time thinking as to how to finish the game, just grab your device and start playing.

    Game Download Link: Log in to see links

    Connect Four HD:

    This multi-player game is the perfect solution to kill your boredom. Connect 4 is about joining two horizontal or vertical dots by a line. Players has to take chances and go on connecting the dots to form a box. The player with more number of boxes wins the game.

    Game Download Link: Log in to see links

    Smart Car HD:

    The aim is to highlight the area of the screen using Smart Car to reveal the background image. This can be done by drawing lines on the screen slicing it into small blocks.

    Game Download Link: Log in to see links

    Freeze Me HD:

    Develop your own tactics and style of play in this addictive strategy game. Freeze me is about revealing the hidden ice-cream behind the cards. This logical game will give a tug to your brain with every move you make.

    Game Download Link: Log in to see links

    Thanks in advance and have a nice day...!!!

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    Awesome games thanks for sharing it.

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