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  1. Default [Tutorial] Flash your K550i to a W610i (CID 53)

    A simple tutorial on how to use JDFlasher to flash your Sony Ericsson K550i to W610i so that you have the Walkman player and Flash Lite. This tutorial is intended for CID53 phones, but it is not limited to them.


    1.) USB flash drivers (these are very essential, and if not installed, this tutorial won’t work.) You do not need to install them if you have installed SEUS on your computer.
    Here’s a tutorial: Log in to see links

    2.) Just da flasher (Known as jdflasher ) Please search on google for latest updates.

    3.) The USB cable that came with your phone

    4.) Firmware files that match your CID (mostly 52 or 53) Here are the links
    CID52: Log in to see links
    CID 53: Log in to see links

    NOTE 1.) The above firmware is for R6BC002. If you have a different version, please search for a compatible main on google.

    NOTE 2.) It is recommended to backup your GDFS before you go on with the tutorial using XS++ v4.1 beta for Linux(if you have a CID53 phone). If you have a CID52, use XS++ 3.1 (Darwin). If you damage you GDFS and have no backup, you end up with a paper-weight. (though the possibility of this happening is very rare)

    NOTE 3.) This procedure WILL void your warrenty.

    I will be flashing my K550i to W610i (so that I have a Cybershot camera and Walkman 2.0) You only need to flash the main, so that you have a W610i main and a K550 FS.

    So here’s the actual tutorial.
    1.) Start up FAR Manager. Press Alt+F1. A small window will pop-up. Under plugins, select JDFlasher

    2.) You should now see something like this:

    Select “jump down into a large rabbit hole”

    3.) You should now see this kind of a screen.

    Double Click on oflash. This is used to flash the firmware. The other option (ofs) is for accessing the FS of your phone.

    4.) This is what you will see. Just wait till it does its work

    5.) Now, on the right hand side, browse to where you have saved the Main file (.mbn) and press F5 (copy). This is what pops up.
    Press copy here.

    6.) Now you will see this:

    Check “as a babe image” (it is selected by default, but just make sure). The options of “yeah flash it” and “as a babe image” are disabled in my screenshot because I’ve already flashed my phone, and the main firmware is already present in my phone. They will be there in when you flash. Press “yeah flash it”. The flashing process will start, and you will be shown the status bar. Have a cup of coffee as the process gets over.

    When it is done, disconnect your phone. Remove the battery and reinsert it. Now turn on the phone....voila!!

    Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any of the (firmware) links posted here. This DOES void your warrenty, so if it is too precious to you, walk away. If you end up bricking your phone, I'm not at fault.

    This tutorial is NOT to be posted on any other website without due credits to me.
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  2. Default

    Nice tutorial.
    + Rep

  3. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by gooblaster Log in to see links
    Nice tutorial.
    + Rep
    its been up for like three weeks man
    people here don't seem interested in flashing though.
    its the only tutorial for flashing CID53 K550 on the entire web....and it got just one reply....thats....lame

  4. Unhappy

    tell me where to put jdflasher.
    or jdflasher.dll
    Do we have to put it in Far manager's plugin's folder or where ..????
    There are lot of confusion. help

  5. Default

    Put it (jdflasher folder) in the plugins folder
    Don't take the "jdflasher.dll" out of the folder.

  6. Default

    And then we have to select jd flasher.dll right
    But it says - "NO Application is associated with the specified file for this operation. And he can't execute it."

  7. Default

    No, don't select jdflasher.dll man. Run "Far.exe", and follow the step 1 onwards.

  8. Default

    Does any of the files stored on the phone need to backed up?
    Or is that only when flashing the FS?

  9. Default

    No, they don't need to be backed up, because we aren't flashing the FS. But its a good idea to take a backup, its not that difficult

  10. Default

    um... i don't hav a linux so does that mean that i can't backup my fs? plz reply asap... its my only fone and i don't want 2 screw it up as far as not bein able 2 use it at all

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