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    Default [Guide] How to sideload Blackberry 10 Apps

    How to sideload BlackBerry 10 Apps

    Please carefully read the following guide to install apps (.bar) on your Blackberry 10 device.

    We offer both apps and games here at Mobiles24 that support Blackberry 10 devices.

    BlackBerry 10 Apps
    BlackBerry 10 Games

    Step 1: Enable development mode on your BlackBerry phone.

    • Open Phone Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode > Enable Development Mode
    • Note down the IP address displayed on your phone's screen, you will need this in Step 2.

    Step 2: Transferring & Installing apps

    There are currently two methods of installation: via Google Chrome or Microsoft Windows. Please choose one method and follow the instructions provided.

    Install via Google Chrome:

    1. Install Log in to see links Google Chrome Extension
    2. The PlayBook App Manager Options will appear, now enter the IP address previously noted and click save.
    3. Click the IP address shown at the bottom under "Manage your device"
    4. Click "Install App" and select the .bar file
    5. That's it.

    Install via DDPB (through Windows):

    1. Download & install DDPB Log in to see links. Important: Please read the Log in to see links before installing.
    2. In DDPB, enter the IP address previously noted in the displayed field and click connect.
    3. Once connected, click "Add", select the .bar file and click install
    4. That's it.

    If you have any questions or problems, please reply to this thread and I'll do my best to help.

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