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  1. Thumbs up CIH game hack for android

    Hi all members ...
    This is my first post in forum , wish it help jyou all

    as in title this app is used for hack games in android , it is similar to cheat engine in pc

    1- download android injector from this link :
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    password for download :
    2- install in pc .
    3- download CIH 2.2.2 lite from this link :
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    password for download :
    4- connect ur android to pc and be sure u enabled the debug mode as following
    -settings==>application===>development===>usb debugging
    5- install the CIH using the injector above ( root is needed )
    6- if your android is not rooted please see this post to know how to root your android s5570i :
    7- remove ths usb cable and open the CIH from ur android then choose your hot key (i choosed menu key ) then press your home button and open your desired game
    8- when u r in game press menu key and the CIH will open

    use it to edit any game values as money, gold exp, etc ...

    have fun all .

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    Good work bro, Keep it up.!!!

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    thanks bro i hope i can help

    if i helped u please give me thanks & RP

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