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    Default Upgraded!

    Good afternoon everyone!

    As you can see, we have finally launched the long awaited, new, revamped - at last!

    This is part of a larger upgrade which we're rolling out of the next few weeks, however, today's upgrade brings with it some major improvements.

    Website & Gallery Improvements

    • Find and discover downloads easier with our new, combined phone selector and search bar,
      with improved keyword search
    • Find gallery content FASTER! 1000% increase in browsing speed and 5000% increase in keyword searches
    • Vastly improved download information pages, which includes:
      • Larger and much higher quality previews (some categories will show old previews for the next day or 2 while the system re-processes them).
      • Horizontal scroll thumbnail 'carousel'
      • Lightbox viewer for image previews
      • HTML5 player with Flash fallback for ringtones and MP4 videos.

    • Phone selector now has the ability to store up to 10 devices for registered/logged in users that you can easily switch between.
    • One click rating system with new like/dislike system for ringtones, wallpapers and videos. 5 star system retained for apps/games.
    • Add uploads to your favourites
    • New categories include; MP4 Videos, Android Themes and Android Live Wallpapers
    • Old control panel/overview and forum control panel now merged into one.
    • New reputation system. See below
    • More stats covering uploads and forums, now updated in real-time.

    Upload More, Faster

    We've implemented a HTML5 uploader for wallpaper and ringtone uploads, which allows multiple files to be uploaded at once, so you no longer have to keep going back and forth to upload your stuff. The system allows for batch editing of the title, description, folder and tags, saving a lot of time if you're uploading similar content in one go.

    While little has changed with the single file upload system (in this update), I'm happy to announce that we now support up to 5 previews for apps, games, themes and live wallpapers and an icon.

    New Mobile Site

    We have now launched a smartphone mobile site at, allowing you to browse and download from our gallery on any mobile device without the need to use "Download by ID". NB. Unfortunately, for the next couple of days browsing the mobile site will be disabled as it requires some last minute minor tweaks.

    Reputation System & Awards

    The reputation system has been completely revamped to make it fairer for everyone. RP is now a more complex measurement of your overall contribution to Mobiles24, based on both gallery and forum contributions. Only minimal RP is now given for the actual upload of content, with most RP being gained from high quality uploads and helpful forum contributions.

    Note: RP updating is not automatic, t, but if you've managed to make it to your control panel, you will have automatically reset your RP to the new system.

    Coming soon...

    • In-line editing and update of your uploads
    • Achievement system
    • Upload comments/reviews system
    • Permissions information for Android content
    • Mobile site improvements
    • Upload improvements

    We hope you're all pleased with the changes, if you have any feedback feel free to reply.

    I'd like to express a big thank you to everybody; all of our contributors, moderators etc, who have supported Mobiles24 over the last 6 years. We wouldn't have been able to do this without you.

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    Thank you.....


    The version numbers are missing in gallery for android games and apps.

    Wil it be fix soon?


    I see the version numbers, it's there when you 'download this item'

    Again, Thank you...
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  3. Default Love IT

    The site looks neat, many thanks Mark!!

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    This site looks awesome man, thanks Mark and Karl!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow , for a moment I thought I was at a wrong site.

    What a cool difference!

    Great job Mark and Karl


    I like the "Thanks" button
    I admire the new title some of my fellow Moderators got - "Site Moderator"
    Is it just me or is the Site/Forum as bright as a sunny summer day , I almost feel tempted to decrease the brightness of my screen (or dig out some sun glasses)
    Last edited by Wilhelm; 14-02-2013 at 07:39 PM. Reason: First impressions

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    Glad you like the new site guys!

    There's still a few bugs to be ironed out and there'll be more improvements to the site and forum coming over the next few days.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wilhelm Log in to see links
    Is it just me or is the Site/Forum as bright as a sunny summer day , I almost feel tempted to decrease the brightness of my screen (or dig out some sun glasses)
    I think it may be the cleaner interface and removal of bold colours.

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    The site looks really neat and nice!

    Thanks Mark and Karl!!!

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    Holy moley this is very nice!

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    I know this is low priority at this point but I feel it might be worth mentioning - on the Mobile Games page (Java) "Screen Size Tags" for 240x400 and perhaps 480x800 could be helpful for users with touchscreen Java handsets.
    If necessary the 176x204 tag could be replaced or removed (it might not be entirely obsolete but probably of lower interest at this point). looks so fresh ... , ... and new - just great.

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    Congratulations Admins! It's been a long time coming but you guys did an amazing job!

    Well done!

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