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  1. Default Metal Slug-like game by Gameloft?

    Hey everyone!

    This is my first post on this forum and I'm here asking for your help.

    Long time ago I played a mobile game on my Nokia 5200 but I can't remember if that game was an actual official game from the Metal Slug series. It was really cool, one of the best Metal Slug experiences I've ever had on a mobile. So I been having this dilema on my mind was it an official Metal Slug mobile or was It a great clone by Gameloft?

    Does anyone knows if Gameloft has ever released any Metal Slug clone?

    If not, could you help me by telling me all the official Metal Slug mobile versions or any other clones?

    Thank you very muc in advance

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    There's no Gameloft's Metal Slug, but there are the "original ones" released by I-Play and SNK-Playmore. They are simply known as Metal Slug Mobile, with the only truly original being Metal Slug Mobile 4 (Where Leona debuts as a playable). There are also chinese clones, such as Metal Slug X, but I don't think they are as good due to wacky collision boxes and unresponsive controls.

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    Hi! Thanks for your reply.
    I agree with you.
    Metal Slug Mobile Impact is the only one that comes closer to the one that I've played time ago and I've been trying to find it again on the web but the ones that I've found so far have wrong key layouts
    Also one of the the games that was making me doubt was "XII" from Gameloft. They're very similar games.

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    @ Mayckoll

    Have you tried Metal Slug 2013 ?

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    I will try this game thanks for it.

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