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    I can't upload an mp3 file (700kb), I keep geting a message "error uploading file". Why is that?

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    Are you trying to upload this file for public or private use? Do you receive any other error message other than "error uploading file"?

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    I tryed to upload file like "attachment" in Ringtones section & no, that is the only error message I was recieving.

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    i'm trying to upload an mp3 song but it's always the same error your modem upload bitrate is to high we accept only below 94kb/s I don't know what to do any help would be useful.

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    Hi liki,

    We only accept mp3 files with a bitrate of 96kbps or below. What's this mean I hear you ask? Basically, the mp3 your trying to upload is too high in quality (above 96kbps). What you need to do is lower the quality of your mp3 (preferably to 56kbps) of which results in a lower file size - important for those who wish to download via wap. To do this, I suggest reading this FAQ.

  6. Default thnx for the comment and the help

    hey there mark thanks for the help.

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