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  1. Default HTC Desire Z pros and cons.

    I have been using this device since long period of time, I would like to discuss the Pros and Cons of HTC Desire Z.

    Pros :

    1) It has Excellent screen.
    2) It has Physical keyboard.
    3) It has great battery life.


    1) According to me, The interface of video is awkward.
    2) It has Slow Flash playback

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    Thanks for sharing great information about HTC Desire Z pros and cons. It's really helpful for me.

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    I've this HTC desire z, is a good mobile to use, it has an excellent screen and support various useful apps, But Sharing of pics/ audio/ videos is not as good as it have other brilliantine features .

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    Thanks for the information can you mention with full specs of this mobile
    Thanks inAdvance

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    Though its an old model but it still has some good hardware configuration including 1 GB internal and 512 MB Ram with 5 MP camera.

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