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    First off, hi to the old crew, some might still remember me, and hi to the new.
    So i need help with my phone, i have a one touch 985(it's alcatel i think).

    Yesterday i synced my gmail with my phone, and since i am getting messages(not emails) from a friend that i am chatting with, i don't want to get those messages on phone anymore, so how can i sign out on my phone or disable getting those messages?

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    Hi clear cache of gmail, or disable auto sync.

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    But i have no idea how to do that.

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    Go to settings, applications, manage applications, choose all apps, scroll down to gmail click on gmail and then clear cache.


    Go to settings, click on accounts/synchronizaton and disable the option there.

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    The clear cache button is not highlighted so i can't click it, the other one i disable it but i still get the message about new emails and new messages.

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    Anyone here?

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