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    great job guys, waiting for the new site !

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    So question where is the app for iphone? i love using this site to get silly weird ringtones but i would love to have a app for iphone so i can see them all from my phone instead of always having to come on the computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by degrassiboi Log in to see links
    So question where is the app for iphone?...
    ... i would love to have a app for iphone...
    It is in development , should be released soon!

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    great to hear guys.....always have loved your Karl with a K too : )

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    I mentioned we needed one of them a while back, that's great!

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    Wow just noticed this thread, massive well done to all involved!! yay! '

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    Official App is very interesting,I like it.

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    Cant seem to log in on Htc One M8. Is this still working?

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