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    Exclamation Osmosis Live Wallpaper

    Osmosis Live Wallpaper

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    Flying through a sea of glowing alien cells in world of Osmosis!
    This is high quality animated LiveWallpaper of the following colors cells!
    Reacts to screen touches, tilting device and Cardinal direction.
    It's simple, but amazing!
    (Only for GLES 2.0 devices!)

    Video demonstration:

    Screenshots, click to view:
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    Update v 1.4
    -minor bugs fixed
    -now you can select move mode of light

    Update v 1.5
    -improved speed, now must works fine on Samsung I9000/I9001 and similar devices
    -minors bugs fixed-fixed bug in OGL implementation, can be run last devices (eg. LG P880)

    Update v 1.6 (big update)
    -new name is Osmosis Live Wallpaper, Thanks for the inspiration to the user 'warmaster' from
    -fixed problem with button "Unlock all settings", the problem was on some devices
    -added option "Custom color of light"
    -added option "Light response to touch"
    -added more options to "Select move mode of light": Around the screen, clockwise; Around the screen, counterclockwise; Compass, showing north; Compass, showing east; Compass, showing south; Compass, showing west
    -added option "Speed of light"
    -improoved speed

    Update v 1.7
    -added russian localization
    -fixed some problems in the interface

    Update v 1.7.2
    -fixed GUI crash (maybe need to reinstall the app)


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    Update v 1.7.8
    -added random option for Color and Color of light


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    Update v 1.7.9
    -fixed ICS gui


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    Where is the link?

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    Thank you for sharing Nice Wallpapers.
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