The Application for Android Provides Users Hours of Fun by Allowing Them Guess the Designers According to Their Logos.

Must-have fashion game for all fashionistas! Get Fashion Logo Quiz and become the most stylish person! Have fun watching logo designs and choosing among offered fashion designers or labels! Accessorize your phone with this great app and find out how the logo of each fashion designer looks like!

4 Different Game Modes-10 Questions, 25 Questions, 50 Questions and 5 Errors – Out!
Choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D!
Answer the questions quickly and avoid giving incorrect answers to get higher rankings!
Answer the question worth more than 2000 points and get Scandalous Score Booster!
Endless Mode–5 Errors – Out! – Your game lasts until you choose 5 incorrect answers!
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Fashion is an integral element for almost everyone with an approach towards style and elegance in the way s/he appears. And in today’s competitive world, there are certain designer brands that are ranked above the rest. They are responsible for creating and popularizing new trends in fashion and some of them have achieved an almost guru-like status due to their immense popularity. Thus, some designer logos have managed to achieve worldwide recognition unlike others. These are synonymous with high-end fashion, glamour, elegance and style. They are the logos of corporations that rule the world of fashion.

The Chanel designer logo is an interlocking back-to-back, overlapping double C. Coco Chanel herself designed it in 1925, based on her own initials. It is continually projected on many of Chanel’s designer accessories. Due to its boldness and simplicity, it has managed to leave an imprint on many people’s minds. It is classy and distinctive, and successfully portrays the house of Chanel as an iconic fashion brand.

Hermčs is also a French designer corporation. It is directly linked to impeccable taste and high-class style. This label is given rightly so, simply because each of their products are of the highest quality and are made painstakingly with utmost care and precision. The Hermčs designer logo depicts a horse and carriage. It is a highly symbolic one and was used by the Hermčs family to show how their company evolved with the changing times. It oozes antique excellence, heritage and has a sense of stature.

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