Hi All,

If you have a connection problem with your Sony Ericsson Joystick, which is due to dust then:

  • Go down to your local CD player store and ask for a "CD PLAYER CLEANER", i got mine for £1.99 and in dolars that is about $4.
  • You will get a cleaning solution in the purcase, and just drip some drops of the solution into your joystick.
  • As soon as you turn your phone on, you will move your cursor left and it will move right (or move in a completely different direction). But do not worry just move the cursor around for a while for the solution to dry, because the cleaning solution acts as a connection conductor.
If you do that then you will no longer have anymore connection problems. Although you might if you keep your phone in your pocket all the time, so you will need to re-apply the solution, but i reapply mine every 3 months and i had my phone for 3 years so you shouldn't have any problems.

Remember not to use too much of the cleaning solution because it will take ages to dry (if you use TOO much); if you use a small amount you will be able to use it again in 3 minutes!!

Hope you found this useful,