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    hey.. yea when i go to download a ringer on my cell, the page doesn't load..please help

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    I've just sent a reply to your e-mail, although you've just answered my question (whether you were downloading via web or PC). What download are you having problems with? Please give me the ID number and I'll investigate.


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    I got Sony Ericsson K310i and when I download polytone my phone says it can't recognize file type!? Please help

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    I'll look into this in the next couple of days.

  5. Thumbs down Problem.

    I have a Motorola RAZR V3.

    And when I try to download any ringtones, It says it cannot recognise the file type. Or something around that area.

    I need help=[

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    We'll attempt to fix this in the next couple of hours and report back here. Those of you who are reporting/experiencing this problem, please keep checking back as we'll need you to confirm whether it's fixed or not.

    Thank you.

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    A fix has been implemented. If you still experience problems, please post a reply.

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    Still isn't working for my V3.

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    Have you cleared the cache on your phone? If it still doesn't work, what error do you receive on your phone?

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    I cleared the Cache.

    Then I try again.

    And it says "File Type Not Recognised"

    On Both MIDI and MMF Poly tones.

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