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    Cool The Excuse Game!

    I haven't seen a game like this around the forum so I thought I might start this.

    & I know this is gonna be fun.

    So, here's how this goes,

    Tell the person below you to do something. And the next poster has to make an excuse or a reason not to do it. The excuse could be formal, witty, sarcastic or whatever you like.


    Q - "Could you lend me you car?"

    A - "I can't, coz I crashed it while playing Burnout online"

    Got it??

    OK, I'll start.

    "Will you come with me to the doctor?"
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    Because I need a rabies shot from him

    Jump down that hole.

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    No I can't -I've sprained my ankle so I can't jump

    Can you dig a hole in my garden?

  4. Question nope...

    sorry, I have to go to the dentist

    would you buy me a candy?

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    Sure, if you buy me 20 candies

    would you give me a new PC?

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    No, coz i have old one

    can u clean my backyard ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclonus View Post
    No, coz i have old one

    can u clean my backyard ??
    Sory,i can't because my horses eat up all your backyard(pretty lame excuse)

    Can you take my place to work for me today?

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    i cant as i have suddenly developed a hernia

    can u wallpaper my house for me?

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    Because im wallpapering my pc

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    will u clean all the dead skin from between my toes for me

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