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    Hello, Just thot i'd say hi, just joined and had a look around so thot i'd do my 1st post . I'm Julie and I live in Aberdeen Scotland. Off on holiday just now so got loads of time for browsing. Hope everyone has a nice Christmas and good New Year.... Take care everyone.xxxxx

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    Hi Julie, nice to have you on board. As you can see, we are only just getting started so if you have any feature requests or have any problems, just post in the feedback forum and I'd be happy to assist. Likewise, if you're looking for a particular ringtone etc, post your request in the ringtones (or relevant) forum and this will be considered.

    Have a nice day / Christmas / New Year and enjoy the site

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    Hi Julie, Welcome to

    Hope you have a nice holiday, Christmas and New Year!!!

  4. Default Hola!

    New here and I just want to say hi... I'm from Puerto Rico (Caribbean area) and I just did a download of my favorite song from the 80s for my cellphone. Don't laugh...A-ha's "Take On Me". Great site!

    Happy New Year!


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    Welcome Freckles!! Is the weather nice in Puerto Rico? Glad you like the site!

    Happy New Year!!!

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    A-ha Take on me
    Err.. nice tune :p

    Anyway, welcome to the site Freckles. Glad to hear you like the site. As always, if you need any help or have any requests, feel free to ask.

    Happy New Year

  7. Default Nice weather???


    It's 2:30pm, just one hour later than the US East coast. Yes Mark, the weather is very nice in Puerto Rico:

    Temperature -79F
    Heat Index - 82F
    Humidity - 74%

    P.S. In the 80s, I was young.

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