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    Arrow [FAQ] Theme Making Tools & Guidelines


    Sony Ericsson

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    Windows Phone

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    Image & Graphics software / editors to assist the creation of themes:

    Note: Please do not use Microsoft Paint to resize your images, as they will become poor quality (pixelated). Images resized this way will be refused if uploaded to the Mobiles24 public gallery.
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    Nice Post Buddy

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    Is there any themes for LG phones? in particular the LG 8500 Chocolate.

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    There are no themes available for LG Phones. You only have the choice of the pre-installed themes.

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    If there are no themes for LG's (I have KU250), how can I create one? And how can I use it? Formats of themes, places where to copy them, etc. Please, answer to me on: dzvonko at yahoo dot com If there is some software, that's better. TIA


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    i think, that every answr for LG, or something else phonemarks find at the Google or Log in to see links...

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    thanks for the info. i will try this out soon!! i might have some questions..hope u dont mind..

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    could you let me know a good program to use so i can resize the pictures....i have a W810

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayode Log in to see links
    could you let me know a good program to use so i can resize the pictures....i have a W810
    If you have any pictures you would like resizeing then just start a thread with your pictures and ile do them for you, to any size you want.

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    is there any tools for motorolas?

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